Infrastructure Projects

The City of Dawson Creek completes a number of projects every year through the City’s Capital Budget that contribute to the sustainability of Dawson Creek.

Click here to view an overview of the Capital Project Budget for 2021-2025, and click on the map below to view the 2021 Summer Projects.

17 Street – 89 Avenue to 210 Road

15 Street – 96 Avenue to Alaska Avenue

13 Street – Alaska Avenue to 102 Avenue

10 Street – 92 Avenue to 94 Avenue

10 Street – 110 Avenue to 112 Avenue

8 Street Frontage Road – 116 Avenue to 122 Avenue

102 Avenue Creek Crossing Replacement

8 Street Creek Crossing Replacement (Please note: this is a Ministry of Transportation project, not a City of Dawson Creek project. Questions or concerns may be directed to the Brocor office at 250-782-3404.)

Below are some current projects that the City is working on.

Sanitary Sewer Trunk Inspection & Cleaning

Project: Sanitary Sewer Trunk Inspection & Cleaning

Estimated Cost:

Estimated Start: Spring 2021

Estimated End: Summer 2021


Update: Sanitary Sewer Trunk Main Cleaning Begins – August 2021 


What’s happening?

The City of Dawson Creek hired a team of consulting engineers to update the Sanitary Sewer Master Plan. After receiving the updated plan, it has been identified that the cleaning of the sanitary trunk should be a priority. The Sanitary Sewer Trunk Inspection and cleaning will occur in 2021. The intent of cleaning the trunk line is to hopefully regain the capacity in the Sanitary Sewer Trunk, reducing the risk of back-up in other areas.

Why hasn’t this been done before?

Although portions of the trunk have been done in the past, the entire trunk line has not been flushed before. The  cleaning  of the Sanitary Sewer Trunk is  specialized,  and  the City  does not  have  the ability   to   perform   this work with it’s own forces, which   is  why  the  task will be   put   out   to tender. The full inspection and clean-out will cost approximately half a million dollars:

The project will include:

  1. An inspection of the Sewer Trunk Main using specialized sonar equipment will be performed in early spring to evaluate the amount of build-up within the trunk.
  2. Putting together a formal tender requesting bids for the cleaning of the trunk once the inspection is complete.
  3. Awarding the tender to clean the Sewer Trunk Main with the intention of completing the work in summer of 2021.

How does this affect me?

A number of properties were affected by sewer backups during the 2020 rain events, and the cleaning of the trunk line is the first step to alleviating these issues. It is the hope of the City that this extensive cleaning project will help prevent future back-ups community-wide.


Looking for more information?

Contact:       Kevin Henderson, General Manager of Development Services