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Watershed Stewardship Program

Map Credit: Kit Fast

Map Credit: Kit Fast

The Kiskatinaw Watershed is the drinking water supply area for the City of Dawson Creek, Pouce Coupe, and rural water users. The headwaters of the Kiskatinaw River is located north-east of Tumbler Ridge at Bearhole Lake. From there, the water travels approximately 170kms to the Arras Pumphouse, where it is withdrawn for treatment.  Unlike most watersheds in British Columbia, which are confined to small mountain valleys, the Kiskatinaw Watershed is relatively large, with an area of 280,000 hectares!

Our Watershed supports a range of ecosystem functions that sustain various species of fish, wildlife, waterfowl and aquatic life. The dominant land-uses within the watershed are agriculture, timber harvesting, and oil and gas development. Through collaboration with residents, stakeholders, and government bodies, the City is consistently managing human and natural challenges.  

The City is committed to understanding groundwater recharge, flow forecasting, water quality and water supply demands. For more information please click on the links below or contact the Watershed Technician for more information.



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