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The Dawson Creek Fire Department provides fire fighting and rescue services to the City of Dawson Creek, Dawson Creek Airport and a 5 mile rural area around the City. The Fire Department also provides motor vehicle extrication anywhere requested by the RCMP or Ambulance Service.

The Department is staffed by Fire Chief, Bob Fulton, Deputy Fire Chief, Fred Burrows, Fire Prevention Officer, Dispatcher/Office Assistant, 16 Full Time Fire Fighters and 12 Auxiliary Volunteer Fire Fighters.

Dawson Creek Fire Department Master Plan (January 2012)

Fire Underwriters Survey

Do you know what to do when meeting an emergency vehicle? Pull over to the right and stop as soon as possible, this applies to traffic going in both directions. At intersections, yield to all emergency vehicles. Don’t block the intersection, don’t turn left in advance of emergency vehicles and never try and beat an emergency vehicle coming in any direction.


The Dawson Creek Fire Department is dispatched through North Island 911, a dispatch service that covers the Peace River Regional District. 



Please refer to the City of Dawson Creek’s Fire Protection Bylaw 4153, 2012. Please note Section 8, 9 and 10 for current burning permit information and cost.



The Dawson Creek Fire Department is accepting applications for entry to the Fire Department Auxiliary Crew.  The Dawson Creek Fire Department is a career fire department with a volunteer auxiliary complement.

Auxiliary firefighters provide support services to the career firefighters during and after responses.

Auxiliary firefighters must be dedicated, hard working team players willing to accept the challenges of the fire service.  Applicants must be physically fit, 18 years of age or older and able to regularly attend Tuesday night training.

Interested candidates may pick up an application package at the Dawson Creek Fire Station, 10101 – 12A Street, Dawson Creek, BC.


The department has the following equipment:


  • 1 ladder truck
  • 1 pumper truck
  • 1 pumper truck for Rural areas
  • 1 tender (tanker)
  • 1 aircraft crash/rescue truck
  • 1 rescue truck
  • 2 command vehicles
  • 1 fire prevention pick-up truck with canopy
  • 1 one-ton truck with water tank for grass & brush fires


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