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1230-102nd Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 4N3
Non-emergency phone: 250-784-3700
Fax: 250-784-3721
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The Dawson Creek RCMP Detachment polices an area of approximately 6,000 square miles that includes the City, Pouce Coupe, Rolla, Arras, Famington and Kelly Lake. The members of the Dawson Creek Detachment are committed to making Dawson Creek a safe community. RCMP Members are also involved in the community through many programs such as:

DARE – Drug Abuse Resistance Education

This program emphasizes drug identification and the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. The DARE trained officers teach children the skills to recognize and resist pressures that cause them to experiment with drugs, alcohol, gangs and violence. This program is in great demand in the elementary schools and there are currently two officers that teach this program.

Community Policing

The Community Policing officer organizes community groups to assist the Detachment in crime prevention.  The following community groups have formed the South Peace District Crime Prevention Association:


This group consists of six residents that raise money to pay for information that leads to the arrest and resolution of a crime

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Citizens on Patrol

This group patrols the City Friday and Saturday nights and inform the police of any suspicious activity in the community.

Rural Crime Watch

These volunteers patrol the rural area and act as eyes for the police in these areas.


This group concentrates on reducing speeding in selected areas of the City.  They use a radar gun and display board to inform citizens of their speed.

Block Parents

This group provides a safe refuge for children in distress.  They have marked their homes with a sign in the window and parents are encouraged to teach their children to recognize these homes as a place to go when in danger. There are currently about 100 homes in the City with the Block Parent sign.

Block Parent Program of Canada 

Business Watch

This group lets other businesses in the City know about people who are passing bad cheques, counterfeit money or are caught stealing from their stores. This group has been very successful in helping the police catch criminals before they leave the City.

Police Based Victim Services

This group provides services to victims of crime or to anyone in crisis, like family problems or community emergencies. They also help victims through the court system and with the preparation of restraining orders and peace bonds.