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November 3, 2014 Council Agenda is Posted

The agenda  for the Council meeting on November 3rd  is posted.

A few highlights of the agenda include:

  • A presentation of People’s Choice Awards by the Alasksa Highway Daily News
  • A staff report on 2015 budget timelines and assumptions
  • The Smoking Bylaw for consideration of third reading (as amended)
  • A proposed Zoning Bylaw as suggested by the Residential Development Committee

Please look at the full agenda  for all items and details.

Free Transit on Election Day

Once again the City will be offering free transit on Election Day.

Election Day is Saturday November 15, 2014. The polling place is the Calvin Kruk Centre at 10401 10th Street from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Proposed Policy Amendments

At the Regular Meeting of Council held October 20, 2014, Council passed the following motion:

“That Report No. 14-209 from the Director of Corporate Administration re: User Fees and Charges – Leasing Exemption be received; further, that the amendment to Appendix “B” Leasing regarding an exemption for the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 141 be approved pending the thirty day review period.”

Any member of the public, who feels they may be affected by the proposed changes to the City of Dawson Creek’s  USER FEES AND CHARGES FOR PUBLICLY PROVIDED PARKS AND RECREATION SERVICES, may submit comments regarding these proposed amendments, in writing to:

Brenda Ginter, Director of Corporate Administration, email: or fax 250.782.3203 or drop them off at City Hall at 10105 12A Street no later than November 21, 2014.

Report No.209 Lease Exemption – Legion Branch 141

Fees and Charges – Lease Appendix B Amendment



October 20, 2014 Council Meeting Update

Here are a few brief highlights from the Council meeting. Full minutes will be posted here when they have been approved by Council. You can view the video of the meeting here.

  • Council declined a request to vary the City sign bylaw to accommodate a local business
  • Council directed staff to prepare an amendment to the M2 regulations to prohibit sand storage uses in the area adjacent to the CN Railway between 8th Street and 15th Street
  • Council received the final financial report on the Calvin Kruk Centre ($17.4 million)
  • Council was presented with recommendations from the Residential Development Committee and from the consultant Urban Systems and directed staff to prepare a zoning amendment bylaw that reflects the recommendations.

Candlelight Dinner

The annual Candlelight Dinner is a one-night event where restaurants in communities across B.C. volunteer to turn down their lights and serve dinner by candlelight as a demonstration of how simple actions – like flicking a switch – can add up to make a big difference when it comes to saving energy.

WHEN: Wednesday October 22nd

TIME: 5:30pm – 8:00pm

WHERE: Boston Pizza, Brown’s Social House, Chances Prospect Lounge, Doc Hollies Eatery, FIXX Urban Grill, Le’s Family Restaurant, Lodge Café, Mr. Mikes, Meng Fan, Sola’s Bar & Grill, Stuie’s Diner, The Pantry, White Spot


October 20, 2014 Council Agenda is Posted

The agenda  for the Council meeting on October 20th   is posted.

A few highlights of the agenda include:

·         A request to vary the City sign bylaw

·         A report regarding the fiscal gap

·         And recommendations to Council from the Residential Development Committee

Please look at the full agenda  for all items and details.

SURE WATER Update: Continuing the Conversation


Earlier this year, Dawson Creek residents provided their input during Phase II of the SURE WATER community consultation. This year’s campaign provided more detailed information about the increase in costs to taxpayers to fund an additional water supply source, such as a pipeline to the Peace River. New information provided about population projections and raw water storage capacity showed that our current water supply has a longer lifespan than previously estimated. Results of the public consultation reflected a shift from Phase I, with less support for investigating a new water supply source at this time and increased concern about the affordability of a water supply upgrade and willingness to pay.

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Our Election page is now updated daily with information on the municipal election coming up in November. Nominations received to date and information on the nomination process etc.

Smoking Regulation Bylaw

Recently, Mayor and Council received a presentation from Northern Health and the Canadian Cancer Society regarding the harmful effects of second-hand smoke and to further encourage the adoption of a smoke free outdoor spaces bylaw.


In keeping with the City’s mission to provide a healthy environment for all generations, the City is considering strengthening its current smoking regulation bylaw. The changes proposed are similar to those in many communities in BC and provide a gold standard when it comes to promoting a healthy environment for our citizens and visitors.

What is new?

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October 6, 2014 Council Agenda is Posted

The agenda  for the Council meeting on October 6th   is posted.

A few highlights of the agenda include:

  • A proposed bylaw on backyard chickens
  • Council Remuneration Policy
  • Tax Sale Results
  • Smoking Regulation Bylaw – Communications Plan

Please look at the full agenda  for all items and details.